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One Real Estate blog commented that with all the Foreclosures on the market now, the best thing for property values is for an investor to buy your neighbor’s house, fix it up and sell it for top dollar.

This would solve your problem by taking away your liability to repair the house and continuing to pay for a house when you need alternative.  And by putting money into the home to renew it, the investor would then will raise property values of the other houses on the block.


What determines the value of a home?  What buyers are willing to pay.  In the current market so many homes need repairs or updating, many end buyers will move to a move-in ready home in preference to one that needs more work to get up to expectations.

When an investor rehabs a house, it raises the value of that home.  This raises the value of the whole block.  Investors are willing to buy and repair homes an end-buyer will bypass.  The longer a home sits for sale, the lower its value falls — along with the whole block!  So quick sale is important.


A company that buys homes has to make a profit to stay in business, right?  An investor wants to help a family with their housing needs, but has to eat too, right?  How can you afford to sell your house at the discount this often requires?

On the other hand, it saves you money and removes your financial liability.  You don’t have to make repairs.  It can actually cost you more to list your house and keep it on the market till it sells retail!  You can sell it now, avoid agent commissions and falling prices and your ongoing payments!  Quick sale at a discount may net you more!

Many owners owe more than their home is now worth on the market.  You may have to pay someone to buy your house?  There may be other ways to approach this.  An honest, confidential review can explore what other options might work to meet your need.

Texas Home Strategies assists homeowners and sellers to explore options open to them and to assist with difficult decisions.  Free consultation.  How can we help you?


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I am involved in Real Estate, buying houses that need work, and assisting home owners under financial pressure, and helping buyers who cannot get a bank loan, working with other Real Estate professionals to find solutions to problems.
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