Sell Your Home in 7 Days: Creative Approaches to Current Real Estate Needs

Did you know you can sell your home in as little as 7 days?!

Buying a home involves some risk.  And even selling a home involves some risk.  But there are ways to minimize and control risk.

The traditional bank and mortgage system is designed to protect the banks from their risk.  There are other approaches that will protect you as a seller.  The Texas Property Code, as in most states, provides for many approaches to buying and selling real estate that are not used by banks and mortgage companies and the realtor selling system.  These are to your benefit.

Realtors use the same methods now to sell homes that they started with over 100 years ago.  We live in modern America.  This economy is different.  Texas Home Strategies can provide options to meet your situation.  We can look at different strategies to meet your particular need and situation.

Situations change.  We work with homeowners needing to sell, with financial pressures, maybe having trouble handling their mortgage.  We work with a network of real estate professionals look at creative strategies to help owners sell, protect their credit by avoiding foreclosure or bankruptcy or sell quickly.

We can match buyers to sellers, we make offers on houses or find investors or other cash buyers who can take distressed properties no one else wants and restore them.  Our partners include credit repair services for buyers who want a home but cannot qualify for a conventional loan.

We can suggest various strategies to facilitate a purchase while your credit score is building to the qualifying level for a conventional loan.  If you qualify for initial Owner Financing, you can get into your home quickly, then build credit for a refinance loan, which is easier and cheaper than a conventional initial purchase loan.

A few months ago, market information showed that only about 20% of people applying now for a bank loan get approved.  That number is now down to 14%!  I have even heard one anaylist report it is only 8% – only 8% of buyers who apply for a loan get approved?  Amazing!

This time delay in the long and arduous process of loan approval by a bank is also a great pressure on both sellers and buyers.

We can buy your home.
We can pay your mortgage.
You can sell quickly and make adjustments to your financial situation.

We never charge for any market information or services.  If we can’t buy your home or find a buyer, you owe us nothing.

We can find a buyer with our unique marketing techniques.  We match up sellers with buyers.

Ask about Owner Financing strategies for buying or selling, enabling deals that would not otherwise occur.  We solve problems.

Learn here how to

Texas Home Strategies is here to provide information and services to help home owners with problems, and to assist buyers who cannot get a traditonal loan.  Free consultation.  How can we help you?

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I am involved in Real Estate, buying houses that need work, and assisting home owners under financial pressure, and helping buyers who cannot get a bank loan, working with other Real Estate professionals to find solutions to problems.
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