Knowing Options – Making an Informed Decision

Your home has lost value, right? Owe more than what its worth? Need to sell quickly? Can’t do repairs?

In our tight economy, if you have to change jobs, you may not have time to wait till your house sells. What then?
Two mortgages?
Do repairs to get it sold? Even more money out of pocket!
How can you sell quickly and move on?

What options do you have?
You can list with an agent. How long will it take to sell to a bank-qualified buyer?
We are hearing only about 14% of applicants get approved. And it may take a while.

There are other options.
We may be able to buy your home, or find a buyer, or maybe you’ll want to lease it to us while we look for a buyer. You can move on to your new and better job, and your old house can make you money instead of costing you money!

Informed Decision
Time is of the essence when you get a good offer. THS can help with this. But investors we work with will work flexibly with the homeowner to meet the need.

We pledge to provide a fair and open evaluation of your home and the current market. We’ll share information and analysis with you, fully open, to enable you to make informed decisions!

How can a company make money if they then also will have to repair the house, market the house, show the house, get a loan-qualified buyer and such? Yes, a deal has to make sense for your buyer. All those factors have to be considered.

Similarly, you can avoid agent commissions and a long wait while you still have to continue making payments. We can look at a variety of strategies. We work with a network of investors who can buy homes nobody else will buy. There are different strategies that may meet your need.

We can close quickly to save you time, money and stress. We work with you to make a deal happen.

We will make a fair offer or find a suitable solution for your need.


Texas Home Strategies is here to provide information and services to help home owners with problems, and to assist buyers who cannot get a traditional loan.  Free consultation.  How can we help you?

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I am involved in Real Estate, buying houses that need work, and assisting home owners under financial pressure, and helping buyers who cannot get a bank loan, working with other Real Estate professionals to find solutions to problems.
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